About Us


Our Story

At SecuredNow we have one mission: To make the world a more secure place through embedded technology. We are a fast-growing group of specialists committed to security and research development, whether it’s working with our clients or through alliances with partners and other international security organizations that take security just as seriously as we do.

In its origins, SecuredNow was founded to protect a number of companies in the broadcasting industry. Broadcasting was and still is one of the most attacked industries in the world. A small number of engineers, passionate about this technology, begun an adventure that today has blossomed into SecuredNow. At the beginning the learning curve was steep, but helped us setting up the foundation for a highly skilled and experienced workforce. Our engineers come from various industries and have allowed us to expand our footprint across multiple service environments:

  • Embedded devices
  • Industrial IoT
  • Automotive
  • Personal Electronics
  • Telecommunications

Over the years, SecuredNow has broadened its reach and attracted talents from all over the world: seasoned security specialists who share the passion for the knowledge and technology developed to protect cyber-physical systems. We have a top quality R&D Security  lab where we provide testing services for both hardware and software, specializing in optimizing security in embedded devices.

While our previous decade was based on internal developments, we are now proudly expanding our services to serve clients around the world. Our team of seasoned security specialists has knowledge of the latest cyber-physical systems security and of the best embedded security techniques.

With headquarters in The Netherlands, SecuredNow strategically also has offices in Estonia, as it is a country widely known for being a global heavyweight in cyber-security.

SecuredNow’s Team

At SecuredNow we take security seriously. Our team is made up of seasoned specialists who are 100% committed to security

What We Do
SecuredNow specializes in optimizing security in embedded devices and cyber-physical systems. Our innovative R&D Lab has a focus on developing embedded security solutions to protect cyber-physical systems. We can be your strategic security partner, offering various customized services and solutions specially designed to make your product or devices more secure. Our team of seasoned security specialists has specific industry knowledge of the latest cyber-physical systems and of the best embedded security techniques. Working with us gives you peace of mind that your products and software are fully tested and protected from any physical or remote threats.

Meet our Commercial Team

Robin Klusman
Security Researcher

One of our top Security Researchers & Analysts, Robin extends his digital (IT) security knowledge by joining forces with our commercially-oriented team. 

Rogier Stam
Tech Lead

Our tech lead and mastermind, Rogier, has years of experience in leading teams that focus on embedded development and embedded security. 

Bastiaan van Hamersveld

Bastiaan is an expert at steering product and technology strategies, forming a link between the worlds of business and engineering.

Antonio Russu
Sales Director

A stand-out senior executive and strategist, Antonio is our commercial guru, specializing in business development, transformation and sales.

SecuredNow Values

T r u s t

I n t e g r i t y

A c c o u n t a b i l i t y




We believe that the foundation for all successful relationships starts and ends with our three core values: Trust, Integrity and Accountability. Our team always goes the extra mile to give our clients the peace of mind that their product is safe with us and that we will make it more secure for them. It aligns with our vision of making the world a more secure place.