The Challenges of Keeping IoT Products Secure

What are the consequences of leaving security as an afterthought when building a product? Why is security still considered a premium choice instead of a standard requisite?

SecuredNow was happy to join Embedded IoT World during its digital event that took place in April 2021. During our session at the event, SecuredNow’s Security Researcher & Analyst, Diogo Pimentel spoke about the challenges of keeping IoT products secure when security is often left as an afterthought. During the session, Diogo discussed:

  1. The current trends within the IoT industry and why you should care
  2. The challenges and risks of not taking security seriously
  3. The role legislation and security standards play in ensuring secure products
  4. Types of threats and real world hacking cases / scenarios and what companies like yours can learn from this
  5. Solutions on how you can protect your assets

Check out the session below:

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