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Building alliances to raise the bar of security standards and make the world a
more secure place.

At SecuredNow, we want to make a difference. That is why we join forces with like-minded, international organizations in the security industry that share the same mission as us: making the world a more secure place, both online and offline. This allows us to have clients from all over the world who entrust us with their cyber-physical systems and embedded security needs. Together, our security expertise helps address the emerging threats of an increasingly connected and complex world.

“We are delighted to engage in a formal partnership with SecuredNow. By combining Blaze’s
penetration testing and offensive security expertise with SecuredNow’s hardware security
capabilities we can consolidate our offerings and create additional value to our customers,
providing them with full-spectrum security testing – from silicon and chip to the network and
application layer. ”

   Julio Cesar Fort, Director of Professional Services of Blaze Information Security 

What you get from SecuredNow 

Collaboration with Seasoned security Specialist


Secondment Services

Collaboration with Seasoned security Specialist


Secondment Services

SecuredNow specializes in security research and development, focused on cyber-physical systems and embedded devices.

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