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Product security assessment
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According to research, 70% of IoT devices contain security vulnerabilities, a number that clearly indicates that manufacturers often leave security as an afterthought. What about you and your organization? Are you certain your products are secure before they hit the market?

At SecuredNow, we understand the importance of taking security seriously, that’s why we have created a questionnaire that will help you assess the security risk level in your product(s). Fill it in and:

Why is security by design important and why get a security assessment?

Security methods must be enforced to ensure products are safe to use. Implementing security by design throughout the entire manufacturing process not only serves to protect end-users and the product itself from malicious attacks, but also, the reputation of your company. Don’t let the future of your product’s security wait, the time to be secured is now.

In the meantime, if you want to know more about other common attacks that hackers use to breach smart and connected devices, download our e-Book: Key Trends is Security Practices for IoT Devices and Cyber-physical Systems.


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How secure are your products?

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