SecuredNow joins ASQF

SecuredNow new member of ASQF

SecuredNow is proud to announce it has joined the Association Software Quality and Further Education (ASQF), reasserting its commitment to support the development of secure software across industries.

With the increasing use of IoT and connected devices, the need to keep them protected is also on the rise. It is a fact that the security industry is struggling to find sufficient skilled professionals who can lead, train, test and help implement security. By joining ASQF, SecuredNow, backed by its 10 years of experience that includes an offering of cyber and embedded security products and services (such as specialized security trainings), is ready to foster and strengthen the exchange of innovative ideas and knowledge for the development of high-quality software, promoting education and training in this area.

Our team of security specialists has knowledge of the latest embedded security techniques to harden cyber-physical systems. We keep constantly updating our expertise considering the fast-paced upgrades in technology and are happy to share it with organizations that take their security as seriously as we do.”

Robin Klusman, Security Researcher & Analyst at SecuredNow

Besides providing security consulting, testing & evaluations, & training, through its new membership with ASQF, SecuredNow reinstates its commitment to continue helping organizations build and develop secure software ensuring the quality of systems.

About ASQF

The Association Software Quality and Further Education (ASQF e.V.) has been developing and securing software and system quality for 25 years and has promoted an internationally uniform education and training of (IT) specialists.

As a network, the ASQF connects start-ups, SMEs, global players, universities and research institutes and develops proposals taking into account the new requirements of digitization.

1.200 members from Germany, Austria and Switzerland exchange information on the relevant topics of the software industry in the ASQF. Expert groups, experts and decision-makers are represented in the special area of software quality and related topics of the Network. They advocate compliance with quality standards and promote, discuss and deal with current and future issues in the industry. With regular meetings of the regional and supranational specialist groups as well as special ASQF Days, the association supports their members’ work.

For more information about ASQF, visit their website:

About SecuredNow

At SecuredNow, we specialize in security research and development focused on cyber-physical systems and embedded devices. We can be your strategic security partner, offering various customized services and solutions to ensure the highest security levels on your products.

With a decade of experience, our team of seasoned security specialists has specific industry knowledge of the latest cyber-physical systems and embedded security techniques. We give you peace of mind by ensuring your products and software are fully tested and protected from any physical or remote threats.

With headquarters in The Netherlands, SecuredNow also strategically has offices in Estonia, as it is widely known for being a global heavyweight in cyber-security.

SecuredNow specializes in security research and development, focused on cyber-physical systems and embedded devices.


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