SecuredNow new member of Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA)

SecuredNow (formerly Exset Labs Europe) is excited to announce it has joined the Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA) to further strengthen its commitment to support the development of embedded security frameworks across industries.


“The security of cyber-physical systems/IoT devices is often left as an afterthought by many manufacturers. There are, of course, many reasons why. For example, there are not many embedded security frameworks in place, and if there are, a lot of companies do not take them seriously because they don’t have any incentives to do so.”

Bastiaan van Hamersveld, CEO of SecuredNow. 


“In addition, there is a shortage of skilled security experts that can help create and enforce these sorts of frameworks. That’s why it is important for security companies like ours to align with established alliances like OSSA in order to build and expand standardized frameworks that can add value to the industry.”

Daniel Stosch, SecuredNow’s Commercial Director.

Adding to OSSA’s outstanding trajectory, SecuredNow brings their 10-year experience to help facilitate and lend a voice to the embedded/cyber-physical systems security sector. With seasoned security specialists that have years of experience in the embedded security industry, SecuredNow’s alliance with OSSA reaffirms its commitment to continue helping organizations build and develop secure cyber-physical systems/IoT devices.

About OSSA

The Open Security & Safety Alliance is a collaboration initiative that brings together like-minded organizations in order to create a framework providing standards and specifications for common components including an operating system, IoT infrastructure, collective approach for data security and privacy, and a drive for improved levels of performance for security and safety solutions. This will help the market and parties involved to focus on the aspects that really add value for their customers and open up new application possibilities, even beyond security and safety. For more information, visit

About SecuredNow (formerly Exset Labs Europe)

At SecuredNow, we specialize in security research and development focused on cyber-physical systems and embedded devices. We can be your strategic security partner, offering various customized services and solutions to ensure the highest security levels on your products.

Founded in 2013, our team of seasoned security specialists has specific industry knowledge of the latest cyber-physical systems and embedded security techniques. We give you peace of mind that your products and software are fully tested and protected from any physical or remote threats.

With headquarters in The Netherlands, SecuredNow also strategically has offices in Estonia, as it is widely known for being a global heavyweight in cyber-security.


SecuredNow specializes in security research and development, focused on cyber-physical systems and embedded devices.


Hullenbergweg 413
1101 CS Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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