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SecuredNow offers various customized services and solutions to ensure the highest security levels in your products and their critical infrastructure. With thorough hands-on expertise spanning over a decade, our team of seasoned security specialists and accredited analysts is ready to guide you throughout the entire process to get your products certification-ready so you can get accredited without a hitch.

Getting your products Certification-ready including for IEC62443 

Not sure where to start when it comes to preparing your product to meet mandatory standards, and rules and regulations concerning
cyber-physical systems? We help you get there.Our team uses their vast experience in security evaluations to provide the consultancy you need to assess the compliance of your product(s). We provide exhaustive security consultancy where other security labs can’t or don’t, so you can get the accreditations you need. 

What SecuredNow Offers

Seasoned Security Specialists

Our security experts have a successful track record in the embedded security world. They have knowledge of the latest, most innovative embedded security techniques.  

Tailor-made Security Solutions

We offer a variety of customized trainings based on your specific needs to help your teams sharpen their embedded security skills.

Shift-left Approach

We partner with you any step of the way – from as early as product development to physical device inspections.

“With frameworks and globally recognized standards established to ensure products are secure,
the hypothetical risk of being attacked is superseded by a real risk of being fined by the institutions
behind them or even being blocked from entering the market at all.
Getting your products certified is no longer a ‘maybe later’ but a ‘must do’.”

- Antonio Russu, Commercial Director at SecuredNow

SecuredNow’s Certification & Seal of Approval

Due to a process that can become lengthy and disrupting, SecuredNow has introduced the SecuredNow Seal of Approval. This Seal is an intermediate state, where companies can already display ‘certification ready’ status when addressing their clients. The path to certification isn’t about the destination, but the building of the various blocks that will ultimately make your product and company better, more efficient and cyber certified.

Our team of security specialists are experts at establishing a baseline when it comes to security for cyber-physical systems. Not only do we ensure that your products and systems comply with the minimum-security requirements to get certified, but we also work with your team so that your products are also secure by design. 

At the end of our evaluation, you can get SecuredNow’s own certificate and seal of approval to validate the security levels in your products and confirming they are safe from any vulnerabilities.

“Using the ISA/IEC 62443 series of standards as a foundation, companies can focus on adopting security as part of the operations lifecycle, ensuring compliance with various aspects of the standards across their supply chains, and including cybersecurity in operational risk-management profiles.”

The SecuredNow Certification Approach 

SecuredNow uses Agile Methodology to prepare companies on their journey to certify their products.
Our security consultants will work with you and your teams in mapping your “as is” situation versus your certification ambition and build up a natural bridge to bring your whole organization to the ultimate certification level. Depending on which certification you are preparing for, we partner with top companies that can accredit you with the security certification desired.


What you get from SecuredNow

Ready to get your product certified? We are ready to help safeguard your products and with that, your customers’ systems. Throughout the entire duration of the process, we will be in constant communication with your team, providing you with status updates. These will include information on all the tasks we are performing, the results and insights gained, and of the overall planning moving forward. We will also provide you with a summary report, containing all assessment results, implemented changes and any resources that can support your certification. You get an exhaustive report, including:

  • Executive Summary
  • Assessment Results
  • Report of Implemented Changes
  • Any resources to support your Certification process

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