Embedded Development


Don’t let Security in your Embedded Systems
be an Afterthought

Manufacturers may not have all the time in the world to consider, develop, and test security in their embedded products. The problem is that malicious attackers do. If they want to break into a product or system, they can spend hours, days, or even months figuring out how to do it.

SecuredNow can help you fill in those security gaps by using our innovative tools, backed by our long-standing experience and vast expertise.

“We have only begun to scratch the surface in addressing the challenges
surrounding security in IoT embedded devices… Security, as it was in the early days
of the Internet, is an afterthought.”

– Chris Rouland, CEO Phosphorus Cybersecurity.

Take Security in your Embedded Products Seriously from Day One
Most electrical devices – from smartwatches to mobile phones to refrigerators -contain embedded systems: a programmable hardware component like a microprocessor or chip in charge of sending and receiving operational signals within the device or other devices connected to it. Developing a product that doesn’t have security in mind from day one not only compromises the availability or integrity of your cyber-physical systems but can also put its entire network and other connected devices at risk. Don’t leave security as an afterthought, ignoring it until something bad happens.

   What SecuredNow can do for you

Security by Design.
Vulnerability Assessment.

SecuredNow can be your strategic partner when making an embedded product. We offer a variety of customized services based on your specific needs to help safeguard your devices. We can partner with you any step of the way, covering the full embedded software development cycle.

What you get from SecuredNow 

Customized security solutions for your cyber-physical systems.

Sophisticated embedded product development.

Vulnerability Assessments; Penetration Testing Services.

Vulnerability Management

Getting your embedded product certification-ready

Customized security solutions for your cyber-physical systems

Sophisticated embedded product development

Vulnerability Assessments; Penetration Testing Services

Vulnerability Management

Getting your embedded product certification-ready

Security by Design

Our seasoned security specialists will advise you on security improvements from day one: from as early on as product design and development to testing when the product has been developed.

It could be small embedded components based on different microcontrollers to sophisticated embedded systems with advanced security requirements, more complex hardware (like 64-bit processors), and a wide range of peripherals and I/O capabilities.