Firmware Analyzer

So, your firmware is running on thousands of devices and you think everything is as it should be because at a glance everything is running smoothly.  However, security is like a chain: To keep the whole system secure, all the individual elements should be kept secure as well. 

Are you 100% sure that there are no security vulnerabilities present in your firmware? How much of your budget is allocated to keeping it safe?

Ensure your firmware doesn’t have security vulnerabilities

Ignoring old and vulnerable firmware at your customers’ premise that is still connected to a network, could put some of the components in the network/business critical applications at risk. This can end up risking the collapse of the security structure. For this reason, to keep the business up and running, mitigating the risk of security breaches due to vulnerabilities in their firmware, organizations should ensure that they do not overlook their firmware layer.

At SecuredNow, our seasoned security specialists have devised a state-of-the-art firmware analysis tool, including a curated report that will help you detect security vulnerabilities in your software.


Benefits of SecuredNow’s Firmware Analyzer

“Firmware presents a large and ever-expanding attack surface, as the population of electronic devices grows. Securing the firmware layer is often overlooked, but it is a single point of failure in devices, and is one of the stealthiest methods in which an attacker can compromise devices at scale. Over the past few years, hackers have increasingly targeted firmware to launch devastating attacks.”

Seasoned Security Specialists

Our security experts have a successful track record in the embedded security world. They have knowledge of the latest, most innovative embedded security techniques.  

Tailor-made Security Solutions

We offer a variety of customized trainings based on your specific needs to help your teams sharpen their embedded security skills.

Shift-left Approach

We partner with you any step of the way – from as early as product development to physical device inspections.

Security for all IoT Devices and their Firmware

Recent expansion in work from home, and general digitalization of our lives, we give too much access to devices and put a lot of trust on them: routers, smartphones, smart appliances, etc. These devices now share the network with our organizations. How much should we trust these devices, and shouldn’t we verify how secure they are?

Since these IoT devices are now a part of our lifestyle, most people might not even think about the risks that ensue when you don’t have security protocols in place to ensure their firmware is safe and up to date. In addition, as security breaches escalate, so do their stakes. Hence, there are more rules and regulations set to ensure that firmware counts with a certain level of security standards, put in place to ensure it is protected from security threats.

With SecureNow’s firmware analyzer tool, we help you close the gap to security requirements proposed by governments.

Features of SecuredNow’s Firmware Analyzer

Among its TOP Features, our firmware analyzer tool offers: 

What do you get from our Firmware Analyzer?

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At SecuredNow, we take security seriously. Our seasoned security specialists have over a decade of experience in helping organizations like yours to keep their assets secure. We can help you to efficiently triage and respond to security threats that can compromise your business. 

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